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Personally I think Canadians Tend To Be Open to Interracial Dating. Why is This?

Reader Question:

As an American living in Canada for more than 2 decades, personally i think Canadians are more available to interracial dating/marriage than People in the us. You getting the exact opposite, a Canadian located in the claims, are you experiencing the exact same observation? Why is this very?

-Keith (Canada)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

I hear what you are stating but the analysis does not appear to support your thesis. Based on a 2010 Pew study, 8 % of US marriages are interracial, while Statistics Canada states that about 4 % of Canadian marriages are interracial.

Nearly all of those marriages are with one Asian spouse. Next group more than likely to get in into an interracial marriage is Latino. I believe the question can be talking about the social acceptance of monochrome unions and there I’m able to only provide anecdotal research from personal experience. (my own personal children are multiracial: African-American-Irish-Canadian.)

In large western and north US cities, the social recognition of interracial relationship feels a comparable as Canada. In more compact communities, rural places and in some south claims, where in fact the legacy of historical clashes may also be nevertheless passed on through family members methods, indeed there is apparently significantly less assistance.

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