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Jamaican Wedding Traditions

There are many great practices that Jamaicans have developed to celebrate all their culture and make all their weddings memorable. While some of the practices keep off evil state of mind and carry good luck, they are really most thinking about celebrating the bride and groom’s new life together!

Wedding Cakes

Classic Jamaican marriage ceremony cakes are rum-soaked and baked having a wonderful blend aromatic spices or herbs. They’re damp and packed with flavor, typically served with a area of rum to help them soak up the sweet liquefied.

Guests take part in a retraite to bring the marriage cake into the ceremony under a veil, keeping it concealed until the period comes because of it to be cut. This is probably the most gorgeous moments in a Jamaican wedding.

Giving away the Bride

Both these styles the bride’s parents give her away at the altar within a tradition that is rooted in both European and Caribbean culture. A fresh sweet emotion that shows just how much the two parents appreciate their child.


Jamaicans remember first their matrimony with a big food. It’s common to serve goat, which is a curried goat that is stewed all night to make it more scrumptious. Other traditional foods include pumpkin soup, jerked chicken, and fried plantains.

Dances & Music

The bouncing and music are an significant part of the Jamaican wedding knowledge. Diamond ring games and dances are a well-known addition, and there’s also a fun custom where close friends bid on the couple.

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